Company Due Diligence

It is possible to perform an online search of companies registered in Cambodia via the Ministry of Commerce website.  In addition to an online search of MOC records , for proper due diligence we recommend requesting a copy of the registered Articles of the company currently on file with the MOC.

As for material licenses, permits, registrations and approvals there is currently no method for confirming the validity of these with relevant Ministries in Cambodia. In our due diligence of Cambodian companies, it is our practice to request the target company to execute a Certification Letter confirming the current validity and status of its licenses, permits, etc.  We can draft a Certification Letter upon your request to be presented to the target company for signature as part of the due diligence exercise.

Assuming that the subject company is registered only with the Ministry of Commerce and not with the Council for the Development of Cambodia (CDC) as an “investment company”, we can obtain a copy of the registered Articles of each company currently on file with the MOC. If either company is registered with the CDC, this will complicate the due diligence and increase fees. For basic corporate due diligence of each MOC registered company, we estimate fees of US$2,000 per company.

From a copy of the registered Articles filed with the MOC, we are able to determine the shareholding structure (and identify the registered shareholders). However, such information is according to the latest company Articles on file with the MOC and it is possible that the company has made changes (replaced directors, etc.) that have not been notified/ registered with the MOC by filing an amendment of the Articles with the MOC – which is the formal procedure for registering such changes in Cambodia.

The MOC does not currently issue any certificate or confirmation of the good standing of a particular company beyond the information which is made available through an online search.

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