Company Registration

The steps involved in registering a business in Cambodia and either incorporating a limited company or registering a branch office are as follows:

  1. Reserve company/branch name online with Ministry of Commerce (MOC);
  2. Submit Memorandum and Articles of Association with supporting documents and submit to MOC online to register a limited company or branch office in Cambodia;
  3. Obtain MOC approval after approximately 1 month and set up local bank account;
  4. Register with General Department of Tax following MOC approval and obtain Patent Tax certificate (estimate 1 month following MOC approval);
  5. Register with Ministry of Labor (estimate 1 month); and
  6. Register with relevant local authority (City Hall).

The total timeframe for completing the above registration steps in Cambodia can be estimated at approximately three (3) months total from the time of submitting complete application documents to the MOC.  The entity is eligible to commence business in Cambodia once it has registered with and been approved by MOC.


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