Company Bank Account

Registering a new limited company in Cambodia, requires proof that the required minimum capital (US$1,000) has been deposited into a bank in the Kingdom of Cambodia. Therefore, an account must be established at a licensed bank in the Kingdom of Cambodia in order to complete company registration/incorporation. The bank account is usually established in the name of a nominee individual or a shareholder and then transferred into the name of the new company following completion of incorporation.

For a QIP company, the CDC will issue a conditional approval after receiving a complete application. The applicant must then provide proof of the deposit of 25% of the declared registered capital prior to the completion of company formation and final approval.

Cambodian law recognizes pre-incorporation status and the validity of pre-incorporation contracts. Any debts or legal obligations incurred by the company while in a pre-incorporation status may be adopted by the company once it has been incorporated.

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