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There are currently no published regulations available, however, based on informal inquiries we understand that only entities that are established in Cambodia are eligible to submit to the Cinema Department for a rating and license to screen a movie to the public.

In order to receive a rating, the company must submit an application for each movie that the it will screen or distribute in Cambodia to the Cinema Department to evaluate and assign a rating to each movie.

The current official fee for 2016 for evaluation the movie/film only (subject to change in the coming year 2017) are:

  1. For foreign movie in its original language: 80,000 KHR (approximately USD 20) per movie
  2. For foreign movie dubbed into Khmer language: 300,000 KHR (approximately USD 75) per movie
  3. For foreign movie with Khmer subtitle 120,000 KHR (approximately USD 30) per movie

The above also applies to films distributed or made available online in Cambodia.

In practice and to the best of our knowledge, currently, films made available online (and not shown in local theaters or sold by DVD) by a distributor or producer with no physical presence in Cambodia are not submitted for rating in Cambodia.

The Department of Movies and Promotion of Culture at The Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts (MCFA) is the regulatory authority charged to establish rules and regulations in relation to the system and movie rating.

The Ministry of Culture and Fine Art has released Prakas No. 166 on Rating and Permit for Movie and Video dated 25 August 2015. The Prakas divides movies/videos into three categories:

  1. Movie/video with sign “G” are allowed for a general audience (non-restrictive);
  2. Movie/video with “NC15” are allowed for viewers aged 15 years or older; and
  3. Movie/video with “R18” that is allow for viewer with age 18 years or older.

Where movies/videos rated “NC15” are broadcast through television or cable TV or as a public screening or widely published through another method, it is required to be broadcast between 10:00PM to 06:00AM.

Where movies/videos rated “NC15” are available for rent or for purchase, the purchaser/renter 15 years old or older.

Movies/videos with rating “R18” are allowed to be shown inside a cinema only.

The Prakas also requires that movies/videos that are broadcast to the public through all methods or rent or available for purchase shall include the mark/sign “G”, “NC15” and “R18” on their packaging or an initial message at the beginning of the movie/video.

  1. 3. Given the recent ad hoc rating on the movie “Sbek Gong”, would you advise the client to send the digital or the physical film to the MCFA to obtain ratings?

Under current practice, the party that obtains the approval (i.e. Stamp Visa) from the MFCA is the theater/cinema/person who seeks to screen/distribute the film (through a physical medium) in Cambodia. Films that will be publicly displayed in Cambodia must obtain a Stamp Visa from the MCFA. We understand that local cinemas do this before they screen a new movie. There is no known guidance with respect to digital content streamed online and made available to viewers in Cambodia over the internet.

Under the requirement to submit a film to MCFA for content review (Prakas No. 221 dated 17 August 2011) the, MCFA will issue a “Stamp Visa” for the film prior to allowing it to be viewed by the general public.

Although there is no legislation currently in place, in practice, authorities may impose any rule or requirement – citing moral, cultural, political reasons.

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