Representative Office

The authorized activities of a Representative Office are limited.  A commercial representative office or commercial relations office may perform the following acts in the Kingdom of Cambodia:

  1. Contact customers for the purpose of introducing customers to its principal.
  2. Research commercial information and provide the information to its principal.
  3. Conduct market research.
  4. Market goods at trade fairs, and exhibit samples and goods in its office or at trade fairs.
  5. Purchase and keep a quantity of goods for the purpose of trade fairs.
  6. Rent an office and employ local staff.
  7. Enter into contracts with local customers on behalf of its principal.

A commercial representative office or commercial relations office may not regularly buy or sell goods, perform services, or engage in manufacturing, processing or construction.

A representative office is registered with the Ministry of Commerce, the local Sangkat where the physical office address is located and the Tax Department.  The procedure for registering a Representative Office mirrors the procedure for company registration with the following differences:

  • no minimum capital requirement;
  • there is no Chairman or Directors or Board of Directors but rather a Chief Representative who may be of any nationality;
  • registration must be renewed annually.