Title Transfer Procedure

Below are the minimum documents which the Land Cadstral authorities will require  in order to transfer title to a parcel of registered land.

Where the seller is an individual, the following documents are required:

  • thumb-printed Vente Definitive transfer form;

  • ID card of Seller – certified copy (note: whereas it used to require certification by City/ Provincial Hall, now the local Khan office has authority to certify)

Where the seller is a company, the following additional documents are required:

  • POA/ Resolution of the company owning the land to sell the land (signed and certified in the presence of a member of the Cambodian bar – note that cadastral authority wants it certified by Sangkat but Sangkat is not able to attend signing, so Sangkat will certify documents when they are first certified by a lawyer);

  • I.D. card of authorized representative of the company – certified copy

  • Patent Tax certificate – certified copy

  • Memorandum Articles of the company – certified copy;

  • MOC letter of approval on incorporation of the company;

  • Tax returns of the company.